Blood Testing

Eagle Hill is equipped with IDEXX laboratory equipment in order to conduct blood testing at our hospital. We also send samples to reference laboratories for testing.

These tests can be grouped as routine tests and special tests.

Routine testing provides an overview of an animal’s health and is done in both healthy pets and sick pets. The Complete Blood Count, commonly called a “CBC”, is a routine blood test that is used in all stages of health and illness. It gives information about the different cell types in the blood and can indicate the presence of many forms of disease. Biochemistry panels or profiles are a selected groups of biochemistry tests designed to investigate a specific interest or concern. For example, a general health profile has the aim of assessing a variety of organs, while a kidney profile would include a smaller number of tests related specifically to the kidney, and so on.

Special tests are done to investigate or monitor a specific problem. For example, the veterinarian might want to monitor the blood sugar level in a diabetic pet, or to test for drug levels in pet on medication.

Other Laboratory Testing

Apart from blood testing, we may conduct a number of other tests either at our hospital or at the reference lab including urine testing, fecal testing and testing of tissue samples.